All the necessary documents / credentials / certificates are thoroughly cross-checked and verified by us from all concerned authorities. The case is then submitted to the Saudi Consulate for endorsement of Visa. As per Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia the Requirements for Attestation of Academic Qualification and legal Documents are as below:

Educational Certificates:

  • Attestation by Ministry of Education.
  • Attestation by Foreign Office.
  • Arabic Translation by Ministry of Education and Foreign Office.

Pakistani Universities degrees:

  • Attested by University Grants Commission
  • Attested By Foreign Office.


Medical Degrees:

  • Attested by Ministry of Health.
  • Attested by Foreign Office.


Religious School:

  • Attested by Ministry of Religious Affairs.
  • Attested by Foreign Office.


Foreign Universities Degrees:

  • Attested by respective Foreign Office of that country or by Pakistani Mission in that country
  • Attested by Pakistani Foreign Office.


Export Statement:

  • Attested by Foreign Office without translation.


Insurance application:

  • Attested by Foreign Office without translation.


Driving Licenses:

  • Embassy does not attest it.