1. Period of contract:
Minimum 1(One) year.

2. Probation period:
90 (ninety days, or according to Labor Laws of the host country).

3. Daily working hours:
8 hours per day (maximum 12 hours per day with 4 hours paid overtime).

4. Weekly working days:
6 six day per week.

5. Weekly rest day:
1 per week paid holiday.

6. Rate of overtime:
As per Labor Laws of host country of minimum 1 + 50% of basic salary per hours.

7. Accommodation:
Free of cost bachelor type Accommodation (non tents) must be provided by employer with electricity, water, gas and bedding.

8. Mess facilities:
Free food or alternative or mess facilities 25% of basic pay to be paid extra in lieu of free food for un-skilled workers. This provision of free food will not be applicable to U.A.E and Bahrain.

9. Medical facilities:
To be provided free by employer.

10. Transportation from:
Free transport to be provided by the employer.

11. The Passage:
Economy class by air from place of hire to place of employment and back on expiry of contract to be provided by the employer.

12. Vacation/leave per year:
As per Labor Laws of host country.

13. Illness leave per year:
As per Labor Laws of host country.

14. Social Security:
Employee to be covered at the cost of the employer, according to Labor Insurance laws.

15. Dead Bodies:
Dispatch of dead bodies or evacuation due to serious injury will be made to Pakistan at employer’s expense